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You can send to us BY EMAIL your general preferences for a business or project website and receive an 'Estimated Budget' or quote for your project. This Estimated Budget can then be reveiwed and a final Budget decided upon to start work. The final cost of the website will highly depend upon the variances to the originally requested content and design. Along the way we will let you know if a request is within the range of the Estimated Budget or one that will influence the final cost of the website.

You can also now, or when you decide to go ahead with our building your project, pay a deposit of $375 using the PayPal button at the bottom of the page.The deposit is only refundable up until the time it is agreed that work should start on the project. After that the full deposit is non-refundable no matter how much work has been done on the project.

Pay Deposit By PayPal: $375

Total Deposit refundable until confirmation of agreed 'Estimated Budget' and 'go-ahead' given to proceed in writing.

The deposit covers the cost of Basic Hosting [$155] and the registration or transfer of the domain name leaving a little left for the developer who will then build a template for your site.

The sooner you then send some content [preferrably in digital format, eg a 'Word' document], your company logo if any and some photos the sooner that template can be produced along the lines of your company colours and other discernable design requirements.

Once the 'template' is generally approved and the number of pages decided upon the developer will then put together an outline of the entire website and place it online at a server address where you can view the result. Changes can be requested to the general colours and outline of the website before finally adding the full content to the site.

Along the way, generally at the point where the outline of the website is placed on the server for viewing, a progress payment will be requested, usually 50% of the balance of the 'Estimated Budget', before the final changes and content is added.

When the content is added and approved an invoice for the balance of the final cost of the website will be raised and once this is paid then the website is placed online.

Pay Deposit By PayPal: $375

Total Deposit refundable until confirmation of agreed 'Estimated Budget' and 'go-ahead' given to proceed in writing.


Please feel free to contact us at to obtain more information.

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